The 10 most viewed blogposts in 2020

This has been a very exceptional year with all kind of global events that have shattered our ordinary life regardless where we are living. Spending more time at home has been for me an opportunity to put additional energies into keeping some regular posting on my blog, that I had abandoned the year before. I am always incentived by the warmth and attention I am given by you, my readers, and this gives me great satisfaction. At the end of this year I just want to round up here the top 10 posts that have received more views this year from my audience, in order of popularity:

  1. Alessandro Magno
  2. Trattoria il brigante
  3. Ristorante Opera
  4. Postcards from London
  5. Never stop being a good person
  6. Fusilli alla boscaiola
  7. Postcards from Margate
  8. Wassily Kandinsky
  9. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart
  10. Nataraja, by Riley

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