Nature photography ๐ŸŒ…๐ŸŒŠ๐Ÿชด

Nature photography

The harbour, Mola, Italy

One of my favourite subjects for photography is nature, in all its possible expressions, particularly landscapes, seascapes, sunsets and plants. There is something magical about capturing an image and crystallising a distinct moment in the ever changing process of natural life that will never be repeated the same again because of lighting, colours, season or emotion.

London park

Urban life does not allow us to enjoy much of nature expression, unless we try and escape the hectic inner-city rhythm in a park or a garden. Only then we can reconnect with a more peaceful and comforting landscape, more relaxed and inspiring than overcrowded and dense spaces.

winter Sea, Italy

Being born by the sea I feel a special attraction to seascapes and I recharge my internal energy from the incessant movement of waves. When I have been too distant from. The sea I really crave the dynamic force that I can only get by spending some time meditating on a beach.

The most stunning natural spectacle is undoubtedly a sunset, with its fleeting explosion of colours. Sunlight reflections on water make this end of the day show even more exciting, with contrasting colour combinations and composition of mirrored shapes. What I find also particularly attractive in chasing sunsets is the unpredictability of the final result. One never knows how, even a very familiar scene, will turn out in the glowing and unexpected light of a sunset.

Apart from charming seascapes and colourful sunsets, there are many other nature subjects that attract my attention, with plants and flowers taking a good deal of consideration. Regardless the season of the year, there are always interesting natural findings, in the parks and gardens around my place or inside my flat, that deserve to be framed with a nice shot. 


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