Seascape Sunsets ๐ŸŒŠ๐ŸŒž๐ŸŒ†

One of my favorite photographic subjects is nature, in all its possible expressions, even if the most extraordinary natural spectacle is undoubtedly a sunset, with its fleeting explosion of colours. The reflections of the sun on the water make every end of the day even more exciting, with combinations of contrasting nuances and compositions of shapes and shadows. What I find particularly attractive in my photographic chase of sunsets is the unpredictability of the final result. You never know how, even for a very familiar sight, the scene will lit up in the incandescent and unexpected brightness of a sunset.

The shimmering light of a sunset against the skyline of a city can provide dramatic effects and turn a familiar outline into a unique image. As a sunset chaser i try to find spots in familiar places where a sunset can produce some interesting colours and shapes. London and its river are stimulating places for my quest at the last hours of light during the day, with all kinds of skyscrapers and old building silhouettes. A river does not bear the same dynamism of the sea but in its calm and flatter reflections is always providing a shining surface in contrast against the darker shadows of the dimming lights of a sunset.

Most of my sunset pictures are improvised but I have learned to start planning and organising for a sunset photo shoot, for example knowing in advance at what time and what the weather will be like at sunset, Once you have undertaken this path, initially out of simple curiosity, you will be amazed to start discovering there is a whole world of paraphernalia linked to getting information about the sunlight in a particular location. How to get the most out this information with your camera or with your smartphone is than what turns technicalities into artistic creativity. One of the early discoveries I made is that around sunset time there is a golden hour, with red/yellow light, and a blue hour, with darker and blueish nuances. These differences in the quality of light can really generate very interesting effects.



Nature photography


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