Haworthia marumiana ๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒต๐ŸŒฑ

Haworthia marumiana

Haworthia marumiana

Some time ago I bought four little succulents and cacti and made a composition for my windowsill. By now these little plants have grown a lot, despite my neglect. It actually seems they thrive despite my lack of attention and very irregular watering. One in particular, the Haworthia marumiana, is extending its territory well beyond the place where it was originally planted and is now conquering much more than the quarter originally assigned to its growth in the planter. I have gradually started taking out some rosettes from the mother plant as propagations for smaller plants in other pots, and I am experimenting with the best ways of speeding up the propagation process. I will check whether a dry or wet environment is most conducive to this stage of propagation and which method is getting the best results.

Haworthia marumiana

At the moment, I have a whole collection of seedlings derived from the mother plant of which I have the pleasure to appreciate its tender growth on a daily basis. This means I have marumiana seedlings of various sizes and in various combinations almost everywhere on my windowsills. Haworthias grow relatively rapidly and can interbreed between the various species if they bloom at the same time. Rosettes planted this year should bloom independently starting next spring.

Haworthias are a large group of small succulents, originally from Southern Africa, similar to the aloes, although much smaller in size and with very distincitive, normally white, flowers. There are several species of haworthias and I would love getting more of them, with contrasting shapes and colours, as some varieties are really attractive, with translucent and pulpy leaves that retain water and allow for light to penetrate the internal part of the plant. Hence I gradually increased the haworthia varieties in the collection, with other specimen within the same family: cymbiformis, fasciata, limifolia, retusa , etc โ€ฆ

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10 thoughts on “Haworthia marumiana ๐ŸŒฑ๐ŸŒต๐ŸŒฑ

  1. I keep orchids and they thrive on my neglect in a north-facing window – plenty of light but no hot sun coming in. I don’t totally neglect them of course but if anyone stays in my house when I’m not there I have to say, Don’t water the orchids! or they’ll die from overwatering.

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    1. Unfortunately my orchids did not survive my extended neglect last winter. The only plants that seemed to thrive were my succulents, some of them even bloomed while I was away. Now Iโ€™ve extended my succulent collection and will see what happens while Iโ€™m away this spring.

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