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Literature in English language


The Persian Boy
The Persian Boy

Bringing back to life an ancient and extraordinary story of the conquest of an unimaginably vast empire by a young and passionate Alexander the Great, seen from the eyes of his affectionate lover, Bagoas. This novel by Mary Renault, will provide many hours of riveting reading and the pleasure of travelling back to a time of great battles and intense emotions.

The Magpie Lord

The Magpie Lordย 

Intrigue, sex and magic are fabulous ingredients for a successful and engaging novel, with the additional edge of being set against a contrasting Victorian background. My first book of the Charm of Magpies series and by the author, but I’m pretty sure I’ll cast my eyes on other episodes of the saga very soon.

Jonathan Livingstone Seagull
Jonathan Livingstone Seagullย 

When I readย this book for the first time I was a teenager and eager to find inspiration for adventurous outlooks in life. Forty years later the great philosophy behind the book seems to be very thin, simplistic and no longer a source of great inspiration, as it was at first sight. Probably this is one of those books which is son of its age.

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