Plants and Flowers

Plants and flowers



Apart from charming sunsets,  and colourful glass, there are many other nature subjects that attract my attention, with flowers and trees taking a good deal of consideration. Regardless the season of the year, there are always interesting natural findings, in the parks and gardens around my place, that deserve to be framed with a nice shot. 

In this day and age, I no longer possess a camera so all my shots are taken with my iPhone, with all the limitations and potential offered by the technology. I do not need to go out with the intention of taking shots, so I can be as spontaneous as I fancy, but also  the quality of pictures is not comparable to professional photography. 

In the middle of January I start feeling the lack of colours in nature and a pot of fuchsia cyclamens in full bloom can make the difference, a promise for the upcoming spring.

I just love succulents, and a crassula in particular, to freshen up my bedroom, as signs of nature’s awakening on my windowsill at home.


Very lovely fuchsia orchid plant that would cheer anybody up.


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