Postcards from Europe ๐Ÿ›๐Ÿ–ผ๐Ÿ‡ช๐Ÿ‡บ

European Countries and Cities I love

The Thames from Millenium Bridge

Postcards from England

London is the place where I live because I felt an irresistible attraction to the city in my 30s and decided this was the place I wanted to develop my career and live my life. More than 20 years after, I am still in love with the place and feel amazed by the opportunities the metropolis can offer, whether one decides to take them on or not. Surely London is the European capital I feel most comfortable in, even in spite of all the Brexit nonsense and the challenges to its very multicultural make up. London keeps offering a great variety of cultural life and entertainment probably unsurpassed by any other city on the Continent.


Postcards from Italy

A frequent destination for my trips is inevitably Italy where my family originates and where I was born. I’m slowly discovering corners of Apulia that I was taking for granted while they are beautiful spots just down the road from my home town.

Recently, I went to Monopoli, attracted by the linkage with this town with my family. I was astonished to find, even in the architectonic details of the family palace, clear signs of the Venetian origins and of the connection with trade across the Adriatic sea. Exquisite and fresh seafood was then the perfect culmination of a little discovery journey of my wondering through the historical centre of this hidden pearl along the Apulian coast.ย ย 




I have a very special attraction for Paris, probably because it was one of the first cities I discovered by myself as aย young teenage student and keeps being a point of fascination at very close range from London, a couple of hours away on the Eurostar.

The good quality bistro food, the interesting museums, the lively cultural life for music, visual arts, fashion and more make this city a place I always come back to with great pleasure.



Postcards from Berlin

The newest European city I am discovering, Berlin is a very dynamic place filled with contradictions and easily becoming one of the most multi-cultural and vibrant places to live in.



The Venice of the North has an undoubted charme for its characteristic architecture, lively cultural scene and friendliness of people. A place where it is always worth spending some time wandering through the maze of canals, discovering quirky cafes and chatting with locals.
I particularly love the vibrant musical scene in Amsterdam, from the more formal venues for classical music to the jazz clubs and night clubs which can offer an incredible range of entertainment.


Postcards from Budapest

Last December I spent a week in Budapest and I discovered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe, steeped in history and glowing with architectural gemsย nestled all along the Danube.ย 
It was a great pleasure to walk along the Danube banks and to admire the inspiring views across the river of what, originally, were two distinct towns, before bridge construction made an organic unit of this urban conglomerate.ย 



A cityย across two continents and a crossroad for history and cultures, Istanbul has a unique charm and beauty, a gateway to epicurean and heavenly pleasures. At different times inย history capital of Western and Oriental Empires, Istanbul has accumulated and digested so many different colourful layers expressing varied ways of living and philosophies of life, all of which are nowย coexisting side by side in one cohesive environment. Once on the shores of the Bosphorus one can hardly resist the fascination ofย the colours of textiles, the taste of theย food and the views across the sea that make of this city such a timeless attraction for any traveller.



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