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Postcards from Bari

The seafront in Bari

Because of its geographical position, Bari has naturally played the role of gateway of the Eastern Mediterranean, trade center and point of exchange on the route used since Greek and Roman times to the crusades and, more recently, as linkage with the Western Balkans. Bari has a long history of cultural connection between the Eastern and Western half of the Mediterranean epitomised by the story of the patron saint of the city, bishop of Myra in Asia Minor, whose remains then got moved to Italy and are now revered by the wide Christian Church, along with the many traditions linked to the saint.


Great food traditions and good quality food are an indispensable presence on both home and restaurants tables all over Apulia, and Bari cannot be an exception to this rule. With many good restaurants and a well-rooted culture for good food every meal can be a source of pleasure for eyes and tastebuds.

Until very recently I was not aware there was an amazing collection of paintings by Apulia painters hosted in what used to be the Palace of the Province in Bari. Quite a pleasant discovery with artworks by medieval artists, Giaquinto, Netti and many more. Really worth the visit.


Postcards from Apulia





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