Postcards from Mola

Postcards from Mola

Sunset from the pier
One of the main economic activities in Mola has been fishing since immemorabile times. With a safe natural port, then made bigger and more secure for small andย mediumย fishing boats, the small town has developed an expertise in the marine industry, providing seafood to the surrounding areas and seamen to staff ships of all kinds around the world.


Orecchiette con le cime di rapa

Traditional and tasty food

With a great variety of good quality of vegetables and seafood produced locally, naturally, traditional cooking in Mola has flourished with great attention to simple but tasty preparations that get the best out of theย ingredients available according to the season.


Medieval Castle in Mola

A medieval castle and many old churches

Since its foundation in medieval times it was necessary to protect the town from attacks coming from the sea. Hence the construction, mandated by the King Charles of Anjou, to fortify the budding fishing port and its population with a castle that could provide defence and deterrence from incursions of pirates and foreign powers. Thanks to this protection the town could grow its activities relating to agricultural production, fishing and trade along the coast and towards the Balkans.


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