Digital Painting ๐Ÿ–Œ๐ŸŽจ๐Ÿ“ฑ


Digital Paintingย 

Sunset at San Vitoย 

Last summer, after the discovery of digital colouring on my iPhone, came also the discovery of digital painting, from original subjects or existing digital images and using digital techniques. Up until then I never suspected having skills to produce artworks that were in my mind but had no idea how to translate them on canvas. Digital technology enables the production of artworks effortlessly, without the pain of mastering practical tools like brushes, paints and canvas, which is frankly that is beyond me. I would have never imagined i could create the magic of colours of a sunset by the sea in an impressionist fashion, as I did withย Sunset at San Vito.ย 

Gradient Waves

It all started with the experimentation with a creative app and an electronic brush, playing around with my favourite colours and shapes. In a matter of minutes I hadย materialised an artistic idea with pleasant results, that before would had taken days of painfulย attempts on a real canvas, without the brilliance that can be obtained with digital tools and colours. My first digital painting,ย Gradient Waves, was taking shape under my eyes before I could even realise how to master the usage of an electronic brush and watercolour techniques. I like impressionist and abstract paintings and I had produced one that suited my taste and imagination.ย 

Orange Tulips

I was astounded by what I could achieve and decided to have a go with other subjects that were buzzing in my head and now had the opportunity to translate into actual images. It was the discovery of a fantastic new world and, if only I could have more time to be devoted to develop these skills, I would immerse myself totally into it, because it is so rewarding andย beautiful. On this page you have someย examples of what I have produced in the pastย months and I hope I can add soon some more to the collection. I always have a couple of canvas in the making, waiting to be completed.ย 

Pink Hibiscus

Visual Art


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