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The Persian Boy



The Persian Boy – Mary Renault

Bringing back to life an ancient and extraordinary story of the conquest of an unimaginably vast empire by a young and passionate Alexander the Great, seen from the eyes of his affectionate lover, Bagoas. This novel by Mary Renault, will provide many hours of riveting reading and the pleasure of travelling back to a time of great battles and intense emotions.

The Magpie Lord


The Magpie Lord – Kj Charles

Intrigue, sex and magic are fabulous ingredients for a successful and engaging novel, with the additional edge of being set against a contrasting Victorian background. My first book of the Charm of Magpies series and by the author, but I’m pretty sure I’ll cast my eyes on other episodes of the saga very soon.

Paul Street Boys


Paul Street Boys – Molnar

This novel by Molnar was a delightful rediscovery in preparation for my first visit to Budapest. The choice inevitably fell on a book that I had not taken into my hands for forty years. What a thrill to relive the vicissitudes of the two groups of teenagers fighting each other for the use of a pitch for afternoon games. Even at the time of my first reading I went to play and smear myself in a small field near the house, before they built another block of flats on it. A reading of a book that has no time and that presents a world of teenagers that has little interaction with that of adults and is based on the values of purity and solidarity that we may have lost.


La colpa


La colpa – Ghirghis Ramal

A lucid and surprising writing for the literary case of the year
.I am sure that this novel will make waves for the lucidity of analysis and the burning issues addressed. Whoever is behind the pseudonym is certainly an author of great depth and a soul of exceptional literary, social and political sensitivity. A very pleasant reading that leads to a profound reflections on the dynamics of personal and moral relationships in today’s society. A jewel with intricate arabesques to hold close to the heart.



4a54f-image1-728932La delicatesse
I liked the movie and I liked the book, maybe even more. The plot of the book describes the journey out of the sadness for Nathalie and her slow rediscovery of love and human relations, with delicacy. A true pleasure for book lovers with a tender story full of humor and witty references.

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